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Frank Foster

Friday, June 18

Tickets $20-$30

Can’t believe we were lucky enough to land this guy! Friday June 18th FRANK FOSTER hits the stage at Hub City!

Doors @ 7pm

Ticket prices go up day of the show!

Frank Foster embodies musical independence at its highest level. He not only has taken the road less traveled, but the road almost never traveled. Acting as his own record label, management, and publishing company, he has managed to find success that some major label artists may never find. This rural Louisiana native and former oilfield man has taken his songs from the campfire to the coliseum seemingly overnight, all the while gaining a following of fans whose loyalty is unmatched.
His musical journey started in 2011 with the release of his first album “Rowdy Reputation”. To follow that up, in the late summer of 2012, he released his second album “Red Wings and Six Strings” which debuted at #30 on the Billboard Country Charts and #1 on Billboard’s South Central U.S. Heat Seeker’s chart. Foster’s next five albums also all debuted on the Billboard Country Charts.
Southern Soul was released in 2013 debuting at #11. Rhythm and Whiskey was released in 2014 debuted at #4. His early 2016 release, Boots On The Ground, debuted at #7. Later in 2016, he released Good Country Music, which debuted at #13. In 2018, he released his seventh album, ‘Til I’m Gone, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Country Album Sales Charts giving Foster his highest mark yet. He’s a singer, a songwriter and his own boss. He refuses to let anyone water down his kind of country music. If he lives it, he writes it; if he writes it, he sings it; if he sings it, he believes it. Frank Foster … a true original.

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia

Wednesday, June 23

Tickets FREE

Next up, Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia!! Let's see how well your Marvel knowledge is. We will start promptly at 6:45pm, so get there early to ensure you get a table and a drink before it starts!
There are NO restrictions on team sizes!
This is an ALL AGES and FREE event!
NO cell phones may be used during trivia to ensure nobody is cheating!

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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Closed for Private Event!!

Thursday, June 24


Thursday, June 24th our tap room will be closed for a private event!

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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Coopertheband / Music by KOTA at Hub City Brewing

Friday, June 25

Tickets $10

Release show at Hub City featuring Coopertheband and Music By Kota.


Tickets $10 | $15 at the door

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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Black Stone Cherry

Thursday, August 05

Tickets $15-$20

Family comes first—you can never forget who was there with you from the start.

The Edmonton, Kentucky-based rock n’ roll quartet Black Stone Cherry was raisedon musical forefathers such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, and the Faces,among other 1970s staples, and, now, with its sixth album, Family Tree, BSC salutesits classic rock heritage and honors its legacy with a beast of a Southern rock n’ rollalbum.

“We caught divine intervention with this one,” guitarist Ben Wells says with a goodchuckle. “We hit a creative spark and tapped into a spirit and a fire we hadn’tbefore.” Drummer John Fred Young adds: “Family Tree showcases all of ourcollective musical influences and how we have taken those to create something thatis truly our own unique Southern American Rock ‘N Roll Sound.”

For 17 years, Black Stone Cherry has put forth a new vicious breed of Southern rock,injecting youthful vitality and a myriad of fresh new influences into the belovedAmerican rock tradition. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimedalbums, and one well-received blues EP. Black Stone Cherry has also rocked 12,000-cap arena shows, topped the UK charts, and shared the stage with a diverse roster ofsuperstars, including Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Mötorhead, andZZ Top.

Black Stone Cherry came together in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, eventuallycoalescing around the lineup of Chris Robertson, vocals and guitar; Ben Wells, guitarand vocals; Jon Lawhon, bass and vocals; and John Fred Young, drums. Young's dadRichard, and his Uncle Fred, are two members of the iconic country-fried rock n’roots band The Kentucky HeadHunters, and the high school-aged boys came uphoning their craft in the group’s Practice House, a 1940s bungalow.“We grew up in the Kentucky Headhunters’ rehearsal space, looking up at posters ofCream, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, the Stones, Montrose, and the Faces. We were likekids someone took in a time capsule and put in the woods,” says drummer John FredYoung.

Like the band’s previous album and EP, Black Stone Cherry opted to self-produceand track Family Tree at David Barrick's Barrick Recording, the same studio whereBSC recorded its self-titled debut and Kentucky albums . BSC also opted to not over-rehearse in advance of the album, instead preferring the immediacy and spontaneityof in the-moment takes. “There was a lot of laughter in the studio this time, and anair of comfort because we had self-produced the last few releases. It helped us getdown to the nitty gritty bones of our music,” says bassist Jon Lawhon. The band alsoentrusted guitarist and vocalist Chris Robertson to mix the album. This homespunapproach perfectly suited the loose but epiphanic creative sessions that birthedFamily Tree.

Family Tree boasts BSC’s tried-and-true lucky number with its 13 songs, and, like allBSC releases, features songwriting contributions from each member. The result is amodern and meaty blues-based rock album, with unexpected sonic twists likepunchy horn sections, barrelhouse pianos, Southern gospel organ, atmosphericsynthesizer passages, and forays into funk and country.

The title track melds brawny blues riffage with BSC’s most telepathic ensembleplaying, showcasing the group’s maturation as a unit without detracting from itsSouthern, hard rock wallop. The album also packs some satisfyingly surprisingmoments. “Carry Me On Down The Road” is a sleek slice of pure 1970s Americanrock n’ roll—something you would hear blaring out of a 1972 Chevy El Camino.“James Brown” offers forth some stanky swamp-funk, replete with wah-wah guitarsand gospel girl vocals. “Bad Habit,” however, dripping sensual innuendo hammeredhome by a horny groove-rock beat, delivers some prime hooky and heavy BSC.One Family Tree centerpiece is the rustically elegant “My Last Breath,” a sweetlydownhome ode to the unbreakable bonds of family. The song’s goose bump-inducing call and response male and female vocal breakdown is one of those musicalmoments where light just shines through the speakers and you know everything isgoing to be alright.

Two special guests bring Family Tree full circle, one being Chris’ 5 year-old sonsinging backup on the brawny swaggering “You Got The Blues,” and the other beingjam band icon Warren Haynes’ vocal and guitar cameo on the delta stomp of“Dancing In The Rain.” The band first met Warren 17 years ago when they first cameto New York to showcase for their new label. “I remember coming to New Yorkwhen we first were signed, and hearing Warren’s voice behind me the minute myfeet hit the street,” recalls bassist Jon Lawhon. “Hearing him play on this track allthese years later gave me chills.”

Having Warren guest on the album was a wonderful gesture of “you’re in the familynow.” It was truly a validation of all the miles the band has clocked on tour, and thedues the guys have paid being away from home. “It’s amazing to me how four goodold boys from nowhere Kentucky can still be around 17 years later,” singer/guitaristChris Robertson says. Ben Wells concludes: “I don’t remember how life was outsideof Black Stone Cherry. The four of us are family.”

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Lucero Live

Friday, August 27

Tickets $20-$25

We are so excited to FINALLY get Lucero rescheduled! 

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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The LACS with support Demun Jones and Dusty Leigh

Saturday, September 18

Tickets $20

Doors will be at 7pm and show will start at 8:30pm!

Tickets are $20 but will be $30 at the door the day of the show.

Debit/credit card only. No cash.

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